Lewinson Arts goal is to spread art all over the world, in the page Amigos a los que les gusta Lewinson Art, every month chooses an artist to interview, in August 2021 was choosen the artist Kasem Khaolaor, for his quality and beauty of his art works, congratulations

1. Where are you from?

- I am from Chiang Mai,Thailand.

2. In your artistic life what interesting experiences have you had?

- Doing art with a happy heart Just to nourish the soul and comfort the world should be enough.

3. What interests you to express in your art work?

- All the beautiful things in the world can inspire me.

4. Do you have a special style?

- Abstract expressionism.

5. Have you had an exhibition that you consider the most important or interesting, for some reason?

- 2001: "Healing Tears of Enlightenment A cry for world peace" Solo Exhibition, At One World Gallery, New Jersey, USA The reason for this show is to wipe the tears and soothe the hearts of the 9/11 victims.

6. What are your favorite artists and why?

- I love Jean-Michel Basquiat, unique in his work: the eclectic pairing of extreme contrasts and the blending of historical data with a stinging critique of contemporary society. It was an artist who stood up against the extreme prejudice and racism of the era and Willem de Kooning, Roy Lichtenstein, Arsile Gorky.

7. Do you want to transmit some message with your work?

- I want my work to be meaningful as part of the spiritual mirror to contemporary human beings that we should treat human beings to the world. to the environment in today's conditions. Because the world is not just a job, just a craftsmanship drawing. It must be a guide for people to walk and follow the pride of the older generation. When that is the case, I have joy, I cry, I cry. I have a feeling as a measure of aesthetics. of the world It is not just crying or rejoicing. Well, I sing along with the seasons of my life that I point out. Sometimes I am a beautiful flower, sometimes I'm the surgeon's knife, which is cut into the wounds of human error Therefore, the real painting is to reflect the spirit that humanity. You should look in the mirror and see yourself. What does the real painting reflect in the contemporary spirit.

8. What does art mean in your life?

- On the artistic path, there is nothing complicated. Artists have to make art as a life and career. It was normal, some struggle, some tiring. He's not that different from the others. Sometimes it's more, sometimes it's less. There is both happiness and sorrow It's a battle with life in another form. Life has survived, some ups and downs. I'm tired now I have fun and be happy.

9. Which techniques do you like to work with?

- I do all kinds of technical work. But what I especially like is the technique of oil painting.

10. What would you do to bring art closer to people?

- Art is the connection of one soul to another of the individual. no matter how old or whoever I have an idea from a friend or fan who sent me a message saying, How does my art touch their lives? I keep every message and that is the connection between art and someone's identity. And thanks to my participation in everyone's lives.


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